LEVESO supports you with your daily scheduling. The successful realization of your training course depends on the optimal coordination of appointment, flexible reaction on changes, avoidance of squeezes and the ideal usage of capacities.

LEVESO is an custom- made software program which supports you with your daily course scheduling, -administration and -accomplishment. It provides you the most possible scheduling and execution security. Our product supplies all options from scheduling the entire year to the accomplishment of single lessons. Plan appointments and detect squeezes in the ressources and capacities early

Leveso is available in 2 versions:

  • LEVESO - für alle Landesfeuerwehrschulen. Leveso- for all fire department schools
  • LEVESO KAB - Is used for the county fire department apprenticeship and limited concerning the number of possible courses each course year

LEVESO is a product of the LEVEO syndicate (Simplements GmbH & Co KG, Rennerod and Sowatech GmbH, Koblenz).


PlanM is an ERP software for the metalworking industry with following components:

  • Customer, deliverer and prospective customer administration
  • Article administration
  • Article quantity lists (including data import and CAD system)
  • Core data
  • User administration
  • Offer and order administration
  • Delivery note administration
  • Invoice and credit advice administration

With the PlanM factory data collection you are able to capture processing time and processing states in the production flow on the touch-capable Windowsclient software.

Regas is a database application for surveyors, technical works managers, service bureaus and manufacturers based on RDS-PP®, ZEUS und GSP.
Regas makes the capture of plant states and their und deren logical analyses possible for surveyors, service engineers, technical works manager und plant operators.Regas works browers based and is available on different access level of the users.

Further information:

The Tegasus are breathing protection surveillance boards for electrical breathing protection surveillance.
breathing protection surveillance boards based on FwDv7 in modular design with an easy handling for many possible applications. Our Tegasus board models are standard equipped with extendible wall and rung bracket and carrying handle bag with inner shoulder strap.

Further information:

eExam comprises a web application to manage tasks, exams and participants as well as a mobile application for training and accomplishment of exams. In a catalogue of questions it is possible to maintain and document versions of exam tasks of different types (multiple choice task, free text task, calculation task and assignment task). You are able to select some of these questions and create a exam with them. eExam assumes the time management and follwing evaluation for your exam.

eExam is a product of the LEVEO syndicate (Simplements GmbH & Co KG, Rennerod and Sowatech GmbH, Koblenz).

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